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Harbor Light – August 2021

Letter from the Executive Director


Photo of Dan Skoglund

Letter from the Executive Director

You never know who may be homeless!
They could be the person who waited on you this morning, the cashier at the
grocery store or even your child’s best friend, you never know who needs a
helping hand.

Our concept of who a homeless person is may not be accurate. The homeless
population is incredibly diverse; there is no one-size-fits-all. They are sons,
daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who need a helping hand.
Young or old, married or single, working or unemployed, homelessness can happen
to anyone. Life-altering events have changed their lives and each has a story
to share.

No one starts life with a goal of becoming homeless, as evidenced by the stories
featured in this issue. Sam and Lily represent a growing number of young
adults within our community who are struggling to make it on their own. Both
are working hard to gain their footing and follow a path that leads them to
happy, productive and successful futures.

Sam and Lily are the fortunate ones, for they are learning early on to follow God’s
path and to rely on Him. Muskegon Rescue Mission has been honored to serve as a
beacon of hope within our community since 1907. Much has changed over 114 years,
but MRM has remained a constant source of hope and refuge for the hungry, hurting
and homeless. By partnering with MRM, you offer those we serve young or old hope
and a hand up!

Together in Christ,

Dan Skoglund

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