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Harbor Light – September 2023

Letter from the Executive Director

Letter from the Executive Director

Faithful partners,

Thankfulness seems to come easily to most of the men and women at Muskegon Rescue Mission. It’s a natural reaction to having food, shelter and care after being without. Trust, however, can be a little harder to come by. Trust takes time. It’s not hard to see why. 

Many of our guests were out on the streets before coming to us, always on their guard, fearful of harm. They suffered abuse at the hands of people who should have offered only love. They feel rejected and betrayed by employers, friends, family —even by God. 

Here, you faithfully provide for their needs. You also give them time to know and trust our God who loves them and cares for them. They come to know He will walk with them every step of the way — and carry them when the road gets rough. That is truly something to be thankful for! 

This Thanksgiving at Muskegon Rescue Mission, our tables will be full with food as we look back on our blessings and give thanks to God. It is a beautiful moment when we join with our guests in gratitude for God’s great providence. 

And when we look back with thanks, we also look ahead with trust. Trust that next year, we will still have much — maybe even more — to give thanks for. 

Thank you for giving Shawn, Kris, Dan and so many others the gifts of time, thankfulness and trust. I am thankful for you and hope for your continued friendship in the months and years ahead. May God bless you and yours this Thanksgiving! 

Together in Christ, 

Dan Skoglund

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