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What a Godsend! – Curlene’s Story

Curlene came to stay at MRM a year ago, shortly after suffering a stroke. He had been living on the street and the cold weather and lack of food had taken a toll. The stroke affected one side of his body and he needed rehab to regain strength.

While homeless, he was lucky to eat one meal a day and remembered going without many times. Being at MRM’s Men’s Shelter, Curlene has regained the weight he dropped while living on the street. He shares, “It’s a luxury to eat three meals a day and have a warm, safe place to stay!” Prayer and attending chapel daily have been a blessing throughout his year-long recovery. 

Curlene proudly states that he now rents a room and is no longer at the shelter. He believes he’s ready to work part-time to supplement his monthly SSI income and is busy looking for work.

It’s been a whirlwind since coming to the Community Resource Center; Curlene received a phone, got his birth certificate, signed up for Section 8 housing, and met with a case manager, HealthWest and Call 2-1-1. He’s applied for various jobs and has a job interview scheduled! 

Curlene said, “If it wasn’t for the Mission, I don’t know where I’d be now, probably dead.” He’s been telling everyone he knows they need to come and see what the Community Resource Center can do for them. “They need to utilize all of these services to help themselves,” he said, “I know I’m going to continue to use it; it’s been a godsend!” 

CRC – One center, one community – fresh hope for all. 

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