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Light In The Darkness – Diana’s Story

For five years, Diana has been homeless. She slept underneath a semi-trailer behind a defunct grocery store until it was moved and then in a porta potty at a nearby construction site. Concerned for Diana’s health, her mother urged her to come to Muskegon Rescue Mission for shelter and care. While here, she started attending church, accepted Christ as her Savior and was recently baptized. She now understands that when the shadows of her mistakes or the darkness of her situation feel too heavy, she doesn’t face them alone. There is light in the darkness that gives her peace and hope.

Through the new Community Resource Center, Diana has utilized numerous wrap-around services that she otherwise wouldn’t have known about or had easy access to. She shares, “The CRC has been a huge help and I’d be lost without it. Before this center opened, I was getting nowhere on my own; I had no transportation to get back and forth to all these other agencies.”

Diana is putting in the necessary work to get her life back on track. She’s applied for Section 8 housing and has a lead on a room-for-rent opportunity. Her advice to others is, “Use these great resources available here. You will find the help you need and more.” 

She is grateful to stay at the shelter and eat regularly and is confident she’ll find housing that will fit within her monthly SSI check. She’s thankful for MRM and our partnering agencies, “They are a blessing!”

CRC – a shining light reflecting God’s love – one center, one community – fresh hope for all.

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