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They Are Lazy! – July Blog

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We’re excited to address a series of common misconceptions about the homeless population throughout the coming months. Let’s start with MYTH #1: “THEY ARE LAZY.”

Unfortunately, some people believe the stereotype that homeless individuals are lazy and just looking for handouts. The truth is quite different. In reality, many homeless people are employed and working hard to improve their lives. They face numerous challenges that make it incredibly difficult to escape homelessness. Low wages, job insecurity and insufficient working hours can make it challenging to afford stable housing even when they have a job. It’s also crucial to understand that homelessness knows no bounds —it can affect anyone, regardless of their background, age, or education. Veterans, families, the young, the old — no one is exempt. 

  • MRM’s June statistics report that 61% of men and 58% of women currently staying in our shelters are employed or have a monthly source of income.

By addressing this misconception, MRM hopes to create a better understanding of the challenges faced by the homeless population and dispel the myth that homelessness is solely a result of laziness. The problem extends far beyond personal motivation or work ethic. 

We invite you to join us in challenging these misconceptions surrounding the homeless population and ask for your continued support. Let’s create a community where everyone has a place to call home!

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