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The Faces of Homelessness — Families

A rising number of families in our community are on the brink of homelessness, grappling with relentless stress and uncertainty. Yet, amidst the darkness, hope is fueled by love and a determination to shield their families from hardship. This month, as part of our ongoing series, The Faces of Homelessness, we focus on Families and give you a glimpse into the anguish of one hardworking father.

Meet Dave, who carries a heavy burden as the sole provider for his family. He struggles to make ends meet and faces a constant uphill battle. Recently, his worst fear of losing their home became a reality. No matter how many hours he worked extra, he could not catch up and stop his family’s eviction. Despite his best efforts to remain strong, there are times when the weight of how he “let his family down” becomes overwhelming. Dave represents just one of the many faces we see — he may be your neighbor, colleague, friend, or family. 

Unfortunately, statistics reflect a harsh reality that can lead many to homelessness:

  • 29% of homeless families are led by a working adult.
  • One in four renters spend over half their income on housing.
  • Costs of housing, childcare and healthcare have risen faster than incomes and significantly impact household budgets.

Muskegon Rescue Mission is committed to helping individuals and families overcome homelessness. MRM’s Community Resource Center offers wrap-around programs and services that provide vital support and empower individuals to build a brighter future for themselves and their loved ones. Additionally, our Bright Futures Daycare & Preschool provides affordable, quality childcare in a Christian environment, giving children a great start in education while helping working parents remain employed.

Poverty and homelessness affect an entire community. With your support, we can help Dave and others like him regain their independence. It takes a community to make a difference.

Give hope. Help a family today. —  Donate Today!

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