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Hope for a Single Mother – Help Rewrite Her Story

SHE IS A STATISTIC. She is the 1 out of 4 women who find themselves homeless after breaking free of violence. Her story isn’t unique; it is shared by many women you encounter daily.

Domestic violence is a principal cause of homelessness among single-mother families in our country. They do not choose homelessness; they are victims of circumstances beyond their control. They flee to protect their children from an abuser, fearing for their safety and hoping to provide a stable life.

SHE worries about survival every day. She sleeps in her car tucked beside a closed-up business, hoping to blend into the dreary backdrop. She tries to not draw attention and struggles to keep her child, who has seen far too much during his young life, fed and quiet.  She tries to fade away so no one notices them, just as she did while living in the shadow of an abuser who couldn’t control their anger.

SHE CAME TO MUSKEGON RESCUE MISSION LOOKING FOR HOPE! She is determined to break the cycle of violence that has shaped her life — from a childhood of abuse to adulthood; she has lived under its darkness.  She wants her child to know a different life – one that is safe and full of hope.

Single-parent households are among the poorest households in the country, with more than a third living below the poverty line. SHE is also part of another startling statistic – 53% of homeless mothers don’t have a high school diploma. This prevents her from getting a good-paying job and hinders her ability to support her family.

SHE is grateful MRM is her place of refuge offering food, shelter, kindness and support. She has found a way to change her future and break free of her past. She eagerly attends the classes MRM offers on parenting, job skills and money management and is working towards her GED. She has embraced Bible study and is learning to rely on God — knowing He will make a way!

For her to see how far she’s come, she looks back to where she started. She no longer feels damaged and uncertain. She now feels safe, cared for and confident God is present in her journey. SHE is no longer a hopeless statistic! Because YOU cared, SHE has gone from being a homeless victim to an empowered survivor!

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