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A Fresh Start For This Family – Help Rewrite Their Story

HOMELESS – the word conjures up an image of a scruffy man sleeping on a sidewalk. It’s certainly not a word any parent wants to claim for their family. Sadly, homelessness impacts families in our community every day.

Families with children make up 30 percent of the homeless population nationwide. According to the Census Bureau, over 83 percent of single-parent households are headed by a single mother. Muskegon Rescue Mission’s Women’s and Family Shelter addresses this alarming need by providing shelter and life-changing services for women and families, as well as custodial fathers and their children. 

Meet LaQuita — she came to MRM at twenty-two, pregnant and ready to give birth. She left three months later, anxious to start life with her daughter. Eight years later, LaQuita returned to MRM with five young children, because as she stated, “I kept backsliding into the go-no-where crowd.”  She stayed for a brief period and left, convinced this time life would be different. Several years later, LaQuita realized she desperately wanted life to change when she found herself and all her children sleeping on a single bed in her sister’s home. For a third time, LaQuita and her family returned to MRM. She immersed herself in Bible study, life-skill classes and the money management program. She credits MRM and learning to follow God for giving her the strength to persevere. This time, she worked hard, set goals and committed to doing everything needed to help her break the cycle and make permanent lifestyle changes. Today, LaQuita holds a good-paying steady job and is raising her family in a home of their own. She is teaching her children the lessons she learned on her journey – to rely on God, to save money, pay bills first and the importance of setting goals. 

Although it took LaQuita three tries to get it right, she is thankful MRM never gave up on her. She is grateful MRM came alongside to provide services, support and God’s love each time she faltered. Because YOU cared, your support and donations gave this struggling family of six a fresh new start— they found lasting change and hope for the future! Because of YOU, LaQuita was able to rewrite her story! 

Donate today to help change lives!

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