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A Fresh Start For A Family In Need

A family visited the Community Resource Center during our grand opening to learn more about the Bright Futures Daycare & Preschool (BFDP). They had many questions and were eager to get a feel for the place. The family was excited after a walk-through and impressed with the new facility.

Their children were abused in a previous daycare, so these parents were afraid to leave them with anyone they didn’t know. They needed to ensure their children would be safe and couldn’t live with themselves if anything more happened to them.

The abuse affected the whole family. Worries about their safety and well-being are never far from the mother’s mind. She recently lost her job due to a lack of childcare and struggled with the decision to stay home or return to the workforce. The father is looking for work and considering his options as well. But to make ends meet, they both need to be employed.

After meeting with the BFDP Director and staff, they enrolled both children in Bright Futures Daycare & Preschool and are confident they have found a place they can trust. Their infant is thriving and receiving the care and love they hoped to find. Their older child is in the after-school program and BFDP is helping arrange bus transportation to and from school.  In addition, both parents have met with MRM case managers and are addressing other needs they have through Community Resource Center services.

By chance, this family stopped in to see the new facility and found an answer to prayer! 

One center, one community – a fresh start for all.

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