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Life Change Starts Here

Seven years ago, Clinton went to ER in excruciating pain and was diagnosed with an egg-size pituitary tumor. He was admitted and immediately prepped for surgery. While alone in his room, he shares, “Jesus’ face appeared, clear as day, and He told me not to worry, He was with me and everything would be okay.”

During the summer of 2019, Clinton found himself living on the street. After a month on his own, he came to MRM seeking food and shelter.  It was here God spoke to him again! Alone in the TV room, he heard a voice say, go into the program. He said, “I looked around, and no one was in the room, then I heard it repeat. I knew I was hearing the voice of God directing me to take action.”

In October 2019, Clinton entered MRM’s residential Man of Integrity program. A biblically-based program focused on rebuilding lives and addressing all aspects – physical, mental, spiritual, economic, and social – to help men achieve life-changing solutions. One year later, he graduated from the program and was hired as a supervisor at the Men’s Shelter.

In his role, Clinton has become a great listener; he hears their stories, relates to their struggles and offers compassion because he’s walked in their shoes. He knows just how vital MRM is to the broken and homeless within our community. He is proof that life change starts here!

Clinton’s tumor has grown back, smaller than before, and he is awaiting another surgery. He confidently states, “God saw me through this before; I believe He will get me through it again. He changed my life so I could help others. I know God’s not done with me yet!”

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