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Hope Starts Here

She first came to Muskegon Rescue Mission, but left after a few days because she couldn’t accept the rules. She didn’t want anyone telling her she had a curfew or needed to help with chores, so she left to figure it out on her own.

She found herself sleeping outdoors in a tent and accepting help from a caring neighbor and a nearby church. She shares, “Being homeless is hard work. You have to figure out where a safe place to sleep is, what to do with your stuff during the day, and how to shower, eat and survive. Life on the streets is not easy.”

A few years later, she again found herself homeless. She returned to MRM, this time with a changed heart! Staff immediately noticed the difference and asked her what had changed. She explained, “I see things differently now. It’s like the Lord erased all the negativity in my heart. God is taking care of me. I knew it before but never really felt it. This time, I feel it!”

She credits MRM staff with providing emotional support and believing and trusting in her. Through her journey, she’s now able to handle life’s stresses and challenges with a smile, a sense of humor and grace.

“God puts people in our life for a reason, maybe it’s just for a short time, but we are all where we are supposed to be. Each person at MRM has impacted my life and helped me see things differently. I am thankful for a second chance and want those who support MRM to know they are changing lives forever!”

She recently moved into her home, and life is going well. She visits MRM occasionally, bringing treats to show her gratitude. She’s thankful that God changes our hearts, opens our eyes and gives us all the chances we need. She graciously shares with shelter guests that HOPE STARTS HERE! 

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