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Your Gift Changes Everything This Thanksgiving

As a young boy, Shawn was molested by his father, the man who was supposed to love and protect him.  This horrific experience impacted his life profoundly. As a teenager, he isolated himself and turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his painful past. In his twenties, he married, had a family, remained anti-social, abused drugs and was always mad at the world. He worked as a money collector and did terrible things to those who couldn’t pay their debt.

His 3-year-old son was diagnosed with Stage 3 Leukemia which sent Shawn’s life into a tailspin. He went on a drug and alcohol binge that ended in divorce and homelessness. One rainy night he sought shelter in a church. As Shawn sat looking at the cross on the altar, he started talking to God, asking Him to save his son. Bargaining to quit drinking and doing drugs if He did.

In the chapel that night, Shawn was filled with the warmest, most peaceful feeling and felt safe for the first time in his life. He knows God touched him that day! God healed his son, who’s now seventeen. Because of this, Shawn knows there’s good in this world. He used to think there wasn’t. 

In November 2021, Shawn came to MRM. He wasn’t sure why God led him here but now understands, “It’s to help these gentlemen. They have been outside struggling to survive, feeling like no one cares about them, but once they step into the cafeteria, they can relax and enjoy a hot meal and camaraderie. That’s priceless to these men.” Shawn works in the shelter kitchen and said, “That’s why I try to give them the best meal I can make. Right now, they have nothing, this is all they have and a hot meal is more important to these guys than a place to stay.”

Shawn entered MRM’s Man of Integrity residential program. He feels blessed to be a part of this group of men and considers them family. The program blends life skill classes, money management, counseling and Bible studies to help them rebuild their lives on a solid biblical foundation and walk with God. 

Shawn came to MRM for a meal but found so much more. He found purpose and the unwavering love and acceptance of his Father God. This Thanksgiving, your gift welcomes shelter guests to the table with a meal and care that changes lives!

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