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Your Gift Changes Everything This Fall

I was thinking about this month’s message, THIS FALL, YOUR GIFT CHANGES EVERYTHING, and what it means. There were so many paths this statement led me to; seasonal change, life seasons, back to school and more. But then I turned down the path of YOUR GIFT.

Recently, I spoke to a lovely 86-year-old woman, Mary Ellen, who has been dropping off cakes weekly for the past ten years to our Men’s shelter. I learned that she had delivered her final treat to MRM last week, so I called to thank her and to hear her story. Mary Ellen shared that she has been widowed for thirteen years and has a son in Virginia and a daughter in Grand Rapids. She has loved to bake for 50+ years and found great joy in sharing her treats with neighbors, church friends and MRM guests. Mary Ellen is moving to a much smaller apartment and no longer has the space to bake and decorate her delicious treats. She is entering a new season in her life and is learning to accept the changes it brings.

Mary Ellen’s GIFT was much more than her delicious cakes and cookies. Her GIFT was her passion, talent, time and kindness, which she willingly shared with others. Her GIFT gave the men sheltered at MRM, a slice of love, an extra serving of compassion, and the sweet taste of hope and understanding. Mary Ellen’s gift changed lives!

WHAT IS YOUR GIFT? Are you ready to share whatever it may be? This fall, your gift changes everything!

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