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A Fresh Start for A Single Parent

Being homeless is hard, but even more so for a single parent. In the U.S., 34% of children live in single-parent households. Over 83% of these households are headed by a single mother. These are staggering and alarming statistics facing many families in our community today.

She became a single parent of five children, something she never expected. Struggling to provide for her family’s basic needs— food, utilities, housing, child care and clothing, her daily decisions of whether to pay rent, put gas in her car to make it to work, or how to feed her family soon took a toll. She ran out of options, could no longer stay with her sister and exhausted all other resources. Navigating these heart-wrenching decisions alone, for the first time, left her feeling overwhelmed and depressed. Broken and hopeless, she came in desperation to the Women’s and Family Shelter.

She arrived at MRM determined to return her family to independence. She worked hard to improve her situation, attending money management and parenting classes. She found a better-paying full-time job to lessen her financial struggles and to afford rent.  And most importantly, she prayed!

MRM’s Bible study taught her to rely on the Lord. She learned that God doesn’t remember our past. No matter how often we stumble, rebel, or make selfish choices, His mercies are new every morning. Despite her struggles, she trusts God’s promise that His presence is always with her.  She believes every ending holds a new beginning. 

Your faithful support of MRM gives single parents and their families a safe refuge. Because you care, they find God’s grace and a fresh start!

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