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A Christmas to Remember

In a quiet voice, he asked his momma, “How will Santa find us? We aren’t home!” She answered with a reassuring smile and a kiss on the forehead.

Being in a shelter is stressful for a parent at any time, but the holidays bring an added worry for children. Many families deal with more than just homelessness. Many have been through challenging ordeals – domestic violence, lost jobs, substance abuse and more. They long to provide a sense of normalcy during the holidays, celebrating with their families despite not being in their own homes.

MRM staff, volunteers, and donors worked hard to ensure families experienced a holiday filled with cookies, parties, gifts and the story of Jesus’ miraculous birth. Parents were humbled and grateful that their children were given a Christmas they would remember with fondness rather than despair.  

A fifteen-year-old guest summed it up best, “Returning to school after the holiday break; I’m able to talk with my friends about the gifts I received for Christmas too. I’m not left out because I’m homeless.”  Her mother added, “We were blessed. They treated us like family, and my kids and I didn’t go without! We had a wonderful holiday despite our circumstances.”

Because you care, MRM provided the spirit of Christmas for those individuals and families who spent the holidays with us. And the little boy, who remains a believer, is happy Santa found him regardless of his address, just like his momma said! Thanks to all who helped make the season bright!

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