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Harbor Light July 2018 Cover

Harbor Light – July 2018

Celebrating Change

Dan Skoglund Executive Director

If you look up the word “change” in the dictionary, you will see this definition: to give a different position, course, or direction: to make radically different to TRANSFORM. Looking at our guests in the past, now, and future I could not think of a better description of them at Muskegon Rescue Mission. Completing a class, or program is a huge accomplishment for each of our guests. For most of their lives, accomplishments have been few and far between. Usually tragedy, hardship, broken relationships, abuse, and poverty are their identity. But when caring individuals like you come alongside men and women in long-term or emergency care, you help them see a light at the end of a dark tunnel. You help them fight, endure and push through to the end. Your compassion and prayers encourage them to keep moving forward.

Throughout this issue you will celebrate everlasting change by reading about Ryan Thor on page 5. Ken Wyman a man who uses his testimony to mentor others. On page 4 you will be able to rejoice with us in 6 people committing their lives to Christ. We could not be more proud of the men and women who choose to change and transform their lives while at the Mission. But there are thousands of people in our community who have not yet chosen to transform their lives. Through your support, we will be here to help them see life change, no matter how difficult it may seem. Thank you again for joining the homeless, and less fortunate on their journey towards true change and transformation. Your partnership strengthens individual lives, families and our entire community.

In His Name,


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