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Harbor Light Muskegon Rescue Mission April 2018 Cover

Harbor Light – April 2018

Finding Strength

Doris came to Muskegon on a greyhound bus from Arkansas, looking for a place to start over. “I was being evicted, I could not afford rent, and I knew Muskegon Rescue Mission was a place that could give me a second chance,” said Doris Winburn.

She knew she could not make it work anymore with the lack of public transportation, high cost of living, and a recent job loss in Arkansas.

“I knew if I came to the mission, that I would get a roof over my head, stability, counseling, and guidance. That is why I came to Muskegon Rescue Mission.”

Since Doris came to the mission she has enrolled in the life skills classes that are offered every morning. She is learning how and where to apply for jobs, and different housing options in the Muskegon Area. But one lesson in particular really stuck out to Doris.

“They started talking about our issues, and things we have kept buried for a long time. That is what is holding us back. It clicked that is why I can work for three years and fall back into bad habits.”

For the first time in a long time Doris started putting all the pieces together that she needs the Gospel and God’s grace. She realized she needed to forgive herself, and know that she is strong through Christ.

Doris is now actively involved in a church where she likes to serve in Sunday school. Doris is now working full time. Doris would not have been able to receive the help she needed without donors like you. Thank you for helping men and woman like Doris find their strength through Christ.

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