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Harbor Light – August 2020

Letter from the Executive Director

The Impact of COVID-19 On The Mission and Community.

Photo of Dan Skoglund

In Psalm 18 David writes a song to the Lord on the day when He delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul. Verse 18 resonates loudly during this time, which says, “They confronted me in the day of my calamity, but the Lord was my support.”

Earlier this year many in our community were faced with calamity, whether it was job loss, fear, financial hardship, food insecurity, missing family and friends, or living a different day-to-day routine. We watched the news hoping and praying for good news.

Through all the uncertainty and calamity, God remained constant and faithful. We were humbled by the generosity of caring
neighbors, like you. Your faithful partnership allowed us to be “there” for our community when they needed it the most. In this issue of Harbor Light, you will read about the different ways the community-supported MRM during COVID-19. You will also have the opportunity to read about Pastor Jeremy, a man who believes strongly in community and standing by those in need.

Muskegon Rescue Mission is recovering from the sudden surge of expenses due to the rise of food insecurity and the financial effects COVID-19 had on many in our community. Starting July 24, MRM is launching our annual Fill the Plate campaign set to help raise 200,000 meals in 100 days. We pray you join us in the effort. Muskegon Rescue Mission would not be able to serve men, women, and children without a strong community of generous donors.


Serving the community together,

Dan Skoglund

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