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Simply Give

Simply Give

Help fill our food pantry through Meijer’s Simply Give!  Purchase the $10 Simply Give card located at the Harvey Street Meijer.  Meijer will convert the donation card into a Meijer Food-Only gift card and donate it directly to Muskegon Rescue Mission!

Only the Harvey Street Meijer (5300 S. Harvey Street) benefits Muskegon Rescue Mission.



We are excited that WESCO has chosen to work with the Muskegon Rescue Mission in the campaign Drive Out Hunger.  Select WESCO stores will have tubs by the register for you to make a large or small donation.  If you pay at the gas pump please take the time to go inside and donate to the Muskegon Rescue Mission.  WESCO is also committed to matching up to $1,000 that is collected at every store location.  Please join us from now till December 31st, and together we can Drive Out Hunger.

The following WESCO store locations are supporting Muskegon Rescue Mission.

1487 Whitehall Road and Giles, Muskegon

1385 W Sherman and Glenside Blvd, Muskegon

1075 W Laketon and Nevada St, Muskegon

(4 Corners) 1858 Ruddiman, N. Muskegon

6440 Airline Rd, Fruitport

2277 E Broadway and Black Creek Rd, Muskegon

3239 Hts Ravenna and S Dangle Rd, Muskegon


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