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100 Days of Hope on Food Pantry

100 Days of Hope

Every day, Muskegon Rescue Mission, together with our donors and corporate partners, changes lives, build community and character, and help provide HOPE to our guests when all hope seems gone.

100 Days of Hope is a community-wide effort to raise $200,000 (enough to provide 100,000 meals) for the community that Muskegon Rescue Mission serves while shining a light on the impact that we make together. Although this specific campaign is only for these 100 days, your participation and support will make an everlasting difference in our community.

This campaign invites YOU to be a part of the Hope that we provide to others by supporting the MRM’s 100 Days of Hope Campaign. Participating in community programs, hosting events, or simply making a donation are just a few of the many ways you can take part.

A lot can be done in 100 days — even more, when we team together to bring HOPE to those without!

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Remember the Micro-donations

Each day, conscious decisions made as a consumer can help us reach our goals. Here are a few businesses that contribute to the Muskegon Rescue Mission.

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Your help can change a life. Hope starts with a meal at just $1.97.

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